Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is there to make sure that when accidents happen, employees are protected and businesses are safeguarded from the liability of workers compensation claims.

When employees suffer workplace injuries, workers compensation insurance insulates the business from direct liability and protects employees financially. An employer without workers compensation insurance would have to pay out-of-pocket for damages when an employee is injured or becomes sick on the job. Workers compensation insurance coverage protects businesses from having to cover those medical costs out of pocket.

Workers’ compensation insurance accounts for employee medical expenses and at least some portion of lost wages if they are injured on the job.

Workers’ compensation insurance is a requirement by law in most states. Business owners sometimes overlook the affordable value it can provide by protecting both employers and employees from potentially crippling expenses.

McGovern Insurance works with business owners to suit each company’s individual needs. Workers compensation insurance coverage is essential for employers. In the case of an accident at work, workers compensation insurance coverage will protect them.

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