Commercial Property Insurance

Property losses can mount quickly if unexpected circumstances arise and a business is not adequately covered through commercial property insurance. Business owners are wise to protect themselves from potential risks such as severe weather events, fire, theft, vandalism, etc.

Commercial property insurance, also known as business property insurance, protects your property, inventory and other assets against loss or damage caused by an accident, theft or something outside your control.

Lost, stolen or damaged business property away from the business location can be covered through a commercial property insurance policy. A company may consider commercial property insurance as an all-encompassing policy, or opt for a more specific coverage, such as flood insurance in a high-risk area for flooding.

McGovern Insurance helps find solutions that will cover the costs to repair or replace property and, in some cases, will compensate your company for items that cannot be repaired or replaced.

The commercial property insurance professionals at McGovern Insurance will help business owners identify areas of possible risk and find comprehensive solutions for their specific needs.

A commercial property insurance plan through McGovern Insurance can help businesses of all types, including apartments, commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels, motels, shopping centers and mobile home parks. McGovern Insurance specializes in working with business owners to find the right commercial property insurance plan to protect their assets.

McGovern Insurance is an experienced insurance agency that can help with your commercial property insurance policy. Call us at (650) 593-8216 or complete the form on this page to get your personalized commercial property insurance quote.